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Physical Therapy


bulletAt its core, physical therapy consists of exercises specifically designed to stretch and strengthen an injured area. In a sense, it is similar to strength and conditioning exercise programs, but the exercises are specialized and must be done correctly in order to achieve maximum benefit and avoid aggravating an already injured body part. In self-limiting conditions, such as frozen shoulder, these exercises may be discontinued once full recovery has been achieved. In other conditions, such as patellar instability, these exercises need to be continued indefinitely to prevent recurrence. In such cases, patients are discharged with a home exercise program once they have learned the proper form and technique.


bulletIn addition to exercises, therapy often involves the use of modalities. After all, stretching and strengthening an injured region can be painful. This pain can limit an individual's ability to fully participate in such an exercise program. Modalities (ultrasound, hot packs, massage, etc.) can help temporarily alleviate or decrease pain to allow greater participation in the exercise program. There is no good scientific evidence that these modalities lead to any permanent benefit in-and-of-themselves. However, by increasing a patient's ability to tolerate stretching and strengthening of a painful area, they can help quicken recovery. Not every patient requires the use of modalities when going for therapy.


bullet Good therapists, when properly directed by the physician writing the physical therapy prescription, concentrate of developing an individualized exercise program for each patient. Proper use of modalities is often part of the treatment. Therapists that are not well trained often just apply modalities without doing the hard part - developing an individualized exercise program and spending time working with each patient to make sure they perform the exercises correctly. There are several good physical therapists in the greater Houston area.




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